Dead Kitchen Radio

After an episode of reminiscing, Keith moves forward by offering his contribution to the Tales from the House Band anthology.  Both parts of the story are now available for your listening pleasure.  Please comment on this episode by visiting the forums, writing, or calling 888-866-9010.

You can purchase a copy of the anthology through the Rift's Amazon store.  In doing so, you not only support Keith and the other contributors to the anthology, but you support the Rift as well.  Thank you.

A very unusual blues guitarist gets into a barroom brawl on a distant asteroid. An autistic boy playing air guitar to an audience only his brother can see. A soul singer, paralyzed in a car accident, dealing with the murder of his closest friend. A rock singer in the 1960s, discovering the various meanings of 'family values'. An ageing classical pianist with the ability to remain young and beautiful beyond the restrictions of the real world. A punk band, locked together in a club all night after the show, finding themselves one member short in the morning... Sixteen writers, from rising stars to award-winning and critically acclaimed veterans, have come together to provide a cross-genre spectrum of short fiction. The one thing every story has in common? Music. From science fiction to horror, from literary to mystery, there's something for everyone in Tales From the House Band, Volume 1.

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