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Keith returns with a double length entry that we'll count as two episodes.  To celebrate, he reads his entry in the recently released anthology, Liar, Liar.

You can purchase your copy of the anthology through our Amazon store.  In doing so, you not only support Keith and his cabal of writers, but The Rift as well.  Thank you for your support.


Lying is essential to good story-telling. Daily, we writers sit at their computers--or Underwoods or legal pads--and write down a bunch of untruths, piling one on top of another, page after page. We compound them, massage them, edit them, spin them, until we're satisfied that, despite how outlandish or other-worldly these lies are, you the reader will swallow them. (From Sandra Brown's introduction to LIAR LIAR) This gripping new anthology offers a baker's dozen tales of deceit by some of the finest liars in the business. The stories vary in setting, genre, style and tone, but they share a common theme: Each is based on a lie. Even better: Part of the proceeds from sales of this anthology will go to literacy organizations. And that's no lie.


About the Author

The Philadelphia Liars Club is a collective of award-winning writers who work in a spectrum of genres from literary to mystery to history to horror and beyond. We write stories for adults, young adults, children, and occasionally werewolves. We advocate for bookstores and libraries, reading and writing. We give lively talks about books, publishing, writing, and topics related to fiction. we do readings, panels, coffeehouse discussions and workshops, and we appear at bookstores, book clubs, libraries, conferences, fairs, conventions, restaurants and bars. Our goal is to promote literacy and love of books. And we hope our stories will encourage both. That's no lie.
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