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One of Keith's newest endevours for 2012 is participating in a series of novels with creator Steven Saville called Viral.  In this episode, Keith reads a sample from his contribution to the series, 30.  Please take a moment to comment on this episode by writing or calling 888-866-9010.


Veteran journalist Joe Lombardo thought he was done with wars and terror campaigns. After winning a Pulitzer for his articles on the ethnic cleansings in Kosovo, after years spent covering wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, after sacrificing his marriage to his globe-hopping career, he’s quit the foreign desk of the New York Times in favor of writing about local politics for the Daily News. He prefers the quieter lifestyle local coverage affords him.

Or at least that’s what he believes right up until an old CIA source gets in touch with him for the first time in years with the story of a lifetime: the Agency is subverting humanitarian immunization programs to hunt for terrorists. But even as visions of a second Pulitzer dance in Joe’s head, a CIA-hired team of assassins go after his source—and their next target is Joe…

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